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I1Display Pro Display Calibration: X-Rite Photo & Video

x-rite i1 display pro The next generation of our top of the line color management software offers the ultimate in flexibility and control. This free app extends your calibration power to profile mobile phones and tablets. Learn more. Product registration is required to receive X-Rite technical support during the warranty period.

X-Rite i1Display Pro review

Registration can occur directly through the software, on our website, or via phone. Shinobi SDI. Ninja V.

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Calibrators have filters in them and depending on the characteristics of the displays they are measuring, they may or may x-rite i1 display pro support that type of display. At a minimum, K and monitor native should be offered.


However, ideally you can set any whitepoint you like, so that x-rite i1 display pro can, for instance, adjust your monitor to look more like specific paper types. How many patches are used measured in the calibration process? More to a point is better from a quality point of view, although it makes the process take longer of course. Also - can the calibrator target the reproduction of specific colours, such as specific Pantones?


Uniformity is still an issue with modern LCD monitors, especially lower quality ones. Does the calibrator have a system for assessing the screen uniformity? Unfortunately there's no system for correcting screen uniformity issues, other than getting a better monitor! Note, even if x-rite i1 display pro calibarator supports this, your system must as well.

X-Rite i1Display Pro

The ultra-modern ergonomic design incorporates three functions — ambient light measurement, monitor profiling, and projector profiling — into a sleek, compact and fully integrated device with no parts to misplace. The included i1Profiler color management software offers the x-rite i1 display pro in flexibility and control.

Its Basic mode offers a wizard driven interface with predefined options for the quickest path to professional on-screen color. X-rite i1 display pro Advanced mode offers user-defined options for more sophisticated profiling workflows to deliver the highest quality color results on monitors and projectors, as well as display testing and quality assurance tools.

The i1Display Pro is the ultimate solution for creative perfectionists who demand speed, options and flexibility to attain color accuracy. Color perfectionists know that a x-rite i1 display pro and profiled display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. Nobody wants to spend hours at their monitor perfecting images or video only to find that their display wasn't accurately representing their digital files. This site dedicated to color management for photographers and videographers, beginners or professionals, visited by more thanpeople last yearoffers on the one hand to help you easily understand and put into practice the color management of your x-rite i1 display pro and on the other hand helps you make the best investments with more than hardware or software reviews since April in French and in English!

Fortunately I had a monitor calibrator with me and was able to show the difference it made to my laptop.

X-Rite i1Display Pro review - Northlight Images

There are also links to further information at the end of x-rite i1 display pro article. Software has also moved on from the old i1Match software used previously for monitor calibration and profiling. In the photo below, you can see the diffuser at the top, which is used for measuring ambient light. If you move your mouse over the image you can see how it rotates out of the way to reveal the sensor itself.

The black object to the left is the counterweight. This attaches to the USB cable and hangs behind your monitor when measuring it.

The lead should be long enough for most display setups and the device worked fine plugged into one of the USB ports on our Apple monitor. There is a light on the side of the device which flashes during operation in a reassuring way. The display light is not seen differently by the human eye whether it is polarized or not, since we only perceive the light intensity; x-rite i1 display pro, polarization can affect an instrument reading.


OEM Rev. The i1PRO2 device is sensitive to mechanical shocks. To avoid damage during transport the i1PPRO2 must be always shipped in its original carrying case.

X-Rite is using a Konica-Minolta CS spectroradiometer as a reference and an industry standard sample set of 12 BCRA British Ceramic X-rite i1 display pro Association ceramic tiles and a FTSa fluorescent tile also as reference materials to certify and guarantee the inter-instrument agreement and short-term repeatability of each certified instrument individually.For the highest level of on-screen color accuracy for all of your displays choose the i1Display Pro to ensure perfect monitor calibration!. ULTIMATE ACCURACY: The X-Rite i1Display Pro is the ultimate choice for discerning photographers, filmmakers, designers and imaging professionals looking.

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