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All Rights Reserved. The router is not responding anymore, the leds are not lighting only powereven after failsafe boot. I'll try to access the serial console, but it seems that prolific dku-5 u-boot is corrupted, too, because otherwise it would activate the LAN card and activate the web interface. Request for Comments Prolific dku-5 are that not all of you will get exactly the same cable that I did, so please share your unique experiences and insights in the comments section. They might help someone else out. Thanks for reading. Good luck! A little probing worked out […].

Came in through hackaday. What a whining bunch they can be, huh? Compliments from me aswell on a very good article. Too often there are just a bunch of out of focus smears none of which demonstrate what is being prolific dku-5. Studying a picture on your computer beats the hell out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands.

DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - DKUlike cable to serial

Just saw your post on the Arduino forums. This post was a life saver, and really prolific dku-5 me a LOT of money!


prolific dku-5 Hi, I got here via hackaday too, although the comments say that this has been done before your article has introduced me and doubtlessly others to this technique and I think its a great tutorial. Good luck!

Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with prolific dku-5 Last edited: Dec 24, AtomSoft Well-Known Member. I use these now Mosaic Well-Known Member. Got any examples of its use Atom?

I'm assuming you're following this tutorial to use a cable. So uncheck everything except 'Serial cable' With prolific dku-5 cable' prolific dku-5, click the 'Configure' button or just double click 'Serial cable'. A dialog box will open asking you to select the serial port to use. You'll have to follow these steps again to select the correct port. Believe me.

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In your system tray you shold see the icons prolific dku-5 PC Suite the phone icon and for the Synchronize utility the circle. You can turn off Synchronize if you want; I keep it off because I never use it and because anything that starts when Windows does adds to your boot time. Right-click on the icon and click 'Enable On Startup' to uncheck it. PC Suite has been installed but you can't use it just yet.


I use blue and red LED's to differentiate. This way I know who's talking to who visually albeit prolific dku-5 is fast.

How to Use Serial Console Recovery for OpenWRT

Pin 22 to the red led through a ohm resistor to Vdc. Pin 23 to the blue led through a ohm resister to Vdc. Outside of that it prolific dku-5 only a couple of capacitors to ground and two series resistor to Txd and Rxd. I have a schematic but have no way to show it here if anyone is interested. Mine works very well and have had no problems with it at all. You also need the RTS to go prolific dku-5 to pin 6 of the connector. I got mine from a local store.

Svn commit: r211153 - in head/sys/dev/usb: . serial

Now the only hurdle I have before I connect up to is finding a driver that will work for the cable. Put your meter on a voltage range to read 3. If you have one which needs a feed they will all appear to be floating little prolific dku-5 no voltage. Where as one which powers the logic drivers will show 3.It was nokia DKU-5 cable based on PL, my PC shows 'Prolific USB to Serial device' connected. i checked in the device manager and it. DKU-5 cable (CA42 also works, I believe Prolific makes those) DKU-5 is an old Nokia usb cable adapter and has the chip we want inside.

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