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Epson TM Emulation Command Interpreter and Character Sets The slip of paper is inserted from the bottom and fed automatically from this point. A cheque code line can be read olivetti pr4sl the printer equipped with the MICR reader option.

Olivetti PR4 SL instruction manual and user guide

olivetti pr4sl Cheques can also be drawn up with a 90 degree rotation of printing. The cash drawer may be controlled directly by the printer firmware. Options The printer may be provided with the following options: a.

Modules The printer is made up by the following main modules: - printing module - documents and cheques module. Printing is olivetti pr4sl, with print path optimization.

How to print with olivetti pr4 sl slip printer - vbCity - The .NET Developer Community

The distance between the printhead and the print contrast plate is automatically adapted to the paper olivetti pr4sl by means of a spring mechanism. Document and cheque module The figure below is a front view illustrating olivetti pr4sl of documents and cheques, inserted from bottom.


Documents inserted from olivetti pr4sl, aligned on right Alignment Paper present Max. Carbon carbon carbon carbon carbon Cheques inserted from bottom, aligned on right Note: For reading of the cheque code line.

How to print with olivetti pr4 sl slip printer

Alignment Paper present Document width Document length Paper weight: Paper thickness Vertical positioning Vertical position error Skew Right hand side with automatic lifting roller or manually alignment for crumpled documents. Documents inserted from top, aligned on right Alignment Paper present Max. Cheques inserted from top, aligned on right Alignment Paper present Olivetti pr4sl height Document width Paper weight: Right hand side with manual alignment. Printable area documents The tables that follow the drawing give the values in mm of the right printing margins D and length of the line of print L in numbers of characters, for right-aligned documents inserted from the bottom and those inserted from the top.

olivetti pr4sl


Olivetti pr4sl the values are given with reference to the selected print pitch cpi. The characteristics of these cheques are shown in the figure below. Devices and consumables Standard devices for this printer are: - the sensors - the printhead The PR4 SL printer can be fitted in olivetti pr4sl factory with the cheque code line magnetic read option, the MICR reader.

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The ribbon cartridge is the main consumable. Printhead Technology: Needles: Needle diameter: Matrix geometry: Maximum frequency: Needle energizing time Printhead life: impact balistic 9 0. The first station prints either receipts or the journal a duplicate copy roll must be used if both types of document are required ; the second station prints transaction slips, inserted either from the top or the front. A three-station dot matrix printer, for individual forms and two paper rolls maximum olivetti pr4sl 70mm. If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem.

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When the LSB least significant bit olivetti pr4sl n is 1, double-strike mode is turned on; when it is 0, olivetti pr4sl mode is turned off.A single station impact dot matrix printer. With its high throughput (/ cps), attractive design, compact dimensions and silent printing the PR4 SL guarantees the reliability of continuous operation. Ideal for filling in documents, the PR4 SL is an invaluable tool for counter. With its advanced technology, PR4 SL specialised printer keeps front-office transactions fast and simple, supports a variety of communication protocols and.

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