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Nikon Scanner Drivers VueScan

I used the following to get NikonScan to work with my Windows 7 x64 system. Nikon does not offer this expandability with its small model.

The Nikon Coolscan V differs from the Coolscan in another issue: there is wide difference in scanning times. I almost suspect that Nikon installed a kind of break in the little Coolscan V in order that there are still selling points for the But anyhow the Coolscan V ED is still much faster than most of its competitors. But quickly most of it turned out to be good for learning foreign languages only. The whole user guide is available in six languages. You get a manual with 70 pages per language which explain nikon coolscan 5000 vista and operation of the scanner and the software detailed and understandable.

Nikon Vista Coolscan 5000

The separate quick start guide was much more useful to me though. After all you want to kick off immediately, when you've unpacked your first or your new film scanner.

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With the aid of the user guide or the quick start guide the installation is no problem even for beginners. But it was a problem for me, that I was able to install the new scan software NikonScan 4 not until the old version 3. Why doesn't the software perform an automatic update or doesn't automatically uninstall the old components? Not every user knows how to uninstall software via the control panel and what to do if he is asked repeatedly if components which may still nikon coolscan 5000 vista used by other programs should really be deleted.


Those who buy a Nikon film scanner for the first time naturally don't have this problem and the installation is easygoing. I found it very pleasant that the software installed the drivers for all current Nikon scanners at once. The normal user actually has got exactly one film scanner on his desktop, but there is people like me too, who got five different Nikon film scanners standing side by side. At the end of the software installation process the computer reboots automatically. But the feeder is nikon coolscan 5000 vista recognized by the scanner or, better said, not accepted.


It would be surely a little for Nikon to upgrade the small Coolscan LS-5 ED for operating with the automatic slide feeder. But it is the marketing-strategy of Nikon that those nikon coolscan 5000 vista who want to work with the SF have to buy the large LS The same applies for the roll film adapter SA Conclusion: The operation of a nikon coolscan 5000 vista feeder with the small Nikon Coolscan V ED definitely does not work, even though the feeder can be put into the scanner without any problem. With each new filmscanner model line, Nikon also released a new feeder model.


Those models of filmscanners that can be assembled with a feeder already exist in the third generation excluding the original model LS :. I can definetely say that the old slide feeder models SF and SF S are compatible with all three scanner models. I can also definetely say that the Slide Feeder SF as we do sell them in our filmscanner shop, is compatible with all three types of filmscanners. Dec 27, I'm scanning again. nikon coolscan 5000 vista

Thank you very much Axel. I now have my scanner nikon coolscan 5000 vista again. I have just posted the following to Nikon. I wonder how many customers they have lost over this. The only explanation is a laconic, cavalier comment on your site that 'it is not compatible' and you 'do not plan' to make it compatible.

Super COOLSCAN 5000 ED

Nikon coolscan 5000 vista have been a devoted Nikon user for over 20 years, and I never fail to recommend your products to anyone. Now I find a rather treasured piece of hardware useless with nothing more helpful than you shrugging it off.

I can only say from this moment on, this attitude has cost you a lifetime customer. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure that you provide customers with fixes and patches to make sure that your products are compatible with OS upgrades.

I recall a slogan you used to have said something like 'We defy obsolescence. My old computer crashed and replaced with one that had the Win 7 OS.Nikon Coolscan & Nikon Scan Driver for Windows Vista 64 nikon coolscan 5000 vista, Windows 7 64 bit "Nikon LS" = USBScanner,USB\Vid_04b0&Pid_ "Nikon LS". It worked just fine for me with my Nikon CoolScan V ED.

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. However, my LS running Nikonscan Vista is slower than XP version, (both in.

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