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PageMaster Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. While a user can use any one of these four commands to submit a job to the spooler, the true bull compuprint 970 point to the spooler is the enq command. All of lp, lpr, and qprt are front ends to enq.

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The front ends differ from one another in the way each one behaves and in the number and types of flags each one accepts. When a job is submitted to the spooler, enq processes the job request. If the job request is valid, which basically means that the command syntax was correct, the job is placed upon a queue. The qdaemon reads each new JDF and reads the job parameters specified by the JDF into an internal data structure that it maintains to track job requests. The qdaemon uses queue status information to keep track of the status of each queue and, when circumstances are right, will invoke the backend for the queue to process the job.

The backend for a queue determines precisely how a job placed on that queue will be processed. The commands that allow users to submit jobs to the spooler can specify flags requesting certain treatment of the job, the qdaemon can determine which job gets processed when shortest—job—next or first—come—first—servedbut the backend bull compuprint 970 the process that actually does all the work as far as processing the job is concerned. In the following figure, the two most common backends scenarios are shown: a local printer queue and a remote printer queue.


It is piobe that makes the initial use of the data stored in printer colon files. The last program in the pipeline set up and bull compuprint 970 by piobe is responsible for the physical delivery of the byte stream generated earlier in the pipeline.


In the context of a local queue, this program opens a device driver which will deliver the byte stream to a locally attached printer attached serial or parallelor to a network—attached printer. Printing with the Base Operating System rembak is a bull compuprint 970 backend when the remote printer queue simply points to a queue on another host, better known as a print server. As the Printing with the Base Operating System figure depicts, if the print server is another base operating system—based machine, rembak transfers the job across the network to the lpd process, which in turn invokes enq, which creates a JDF, and so on as described above.

Spooler Overview Spooler Data Flow enq Command The commands lp, lpr, qprt, and enq can be used to submit a job to the spooler for processing. The enq command is the true entry point to the spooler; lp, lpr, and qprt all parse their own arguments and compose a call to enq.

This can be demonstrated by executing the following steps as the root user at a shell prompt: 1. The qprt command in step 2 attempts to submit a print job to the spooler and have it bull compuprint 970 on the queue named asc, requesting three copies of the message—of—the—day in a 12—point Courier font rotated 90 degrees.


When the qprt command tries to invoke enq with bull compuprint 970 argument vector, it instead invokes the echo command, which is mounted over the enq command. Thus the argument vector generated by the qprt command is passed to the echo command, which in turn simply echoes the argument vector to your display.

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This procedure will work with lp and lpr as well. Aside from demonstrating that qprt really is a front end to enq, this technique is also useful when you are trying to figure out how to get unsupported flags into the spooler. See Bull compuprint 970 on page for further information. This is true even when the queue is set up to handle jobs other than print jobs. Note: Make sure that you execute step 3. Otherwise, the spooler will be disabled. When the enq command is executed, either directly or by lp, lpr, or qprt, it assigns a job number to the job.

By default, lp will return the bull compuprint 970 number. The qdaemon then reads the name of the JDF from the message queue, accesses the JDF directly, and reads the data contained in the JDF into an internal data structure it maintains to track all the jobs currently in the spooler. At this point in time, the job has been accepted by the spooler.

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A JDF is created for all spooling system operations other than a queue status query; the structure of bull compuprint 970 JDF differs between print requests versus job cancellation requests versus queue control requests, and so on, but a JDF is created nevertheless. Commands with the same function as lpstat still call enq to do their work, but neither is a JDF created nor is the qdaemon involved.


When the qdaemon determines that the device upon which the job is queued is available, the qdaemon invokes the backend for the queue, passing it arguments specified by the JDF. The backend processes the job. If the file bull compuprint 970 is present, then only one instance of the backend bull compuprint 970 exist for this queue; This is because the qdaemon will only attempt to set the execution environment for the backend when it has determined that the job can be processed.


If the qdaemon has already performed this action for a previous job, and that job is still executing, then the qdaemon cannot get a lock on the file or device specified by the file parameter and hence cannot open stdout of bull compuprint 970 backend onto that file or device. Thus the qdaemon holds the job in the queue and waits for the previous job to complete execution and release the file or device. This is how the spooling system provides and controls serial access to a device.

In this situation there is no clear file or device to which serial access should be provided, so jobs bull compuprint 970 not stack up on the queue. Jobs submitted to this queue will be processed just as fast as bull compuprint 970 qdaemon can set up the execution environment. The absence of the file parameter effectively disables serial access to any local file or device.The Compuprint has only three resident fonts—Courier, OCR-B, and a Bull original called Fast—but a cartridge supplying eight additional fonts is available.

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