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See the answer below for microtrack 2496 about which input to use for different sources. This depends on the source you are using.


For condenser microphones, it may be OK to use the phantom power, even though it only puts out 30V microtrack 2496 power. The specifications for each input are listed on the M-Audio website.

M-Audio Microtrack 24/96

This has ended up being a real bugaboo for a lot of people. On the output side, there microtrack 2496 unbalanced phono sockets and a headphone mini-jack. Power comes from an included power supply or from an internal long-life lithium-ion battery, and the microtrack 2496 state recording times of approximately four to five hours on a single charge, reducing to about three hours when phantom power is engaged. With the original version of the firmware there were some bugs and feature limitations, but M-Audio have been doing a great job of resolving these.

Is there a way to get a replacement mic for the Microtrack 24/96?

On the left side, you'll find a Menu button which doubles as a Back button in the menu interfacea hold switch, a three-way input switch, microtrack 2496 a phantom power switch. The CF slot is on the right side.

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The fixed internal battery is rechargeable using microtrack 2496 included power adaptor, and phantom power is available while running on battery. Recordings of both voice and music were clear, though a little noisier than I expected.

M-Audio Microtrack 24/96

Although we were able microtrack 2496 get four hours of record time using the included mic, you can expect less when using phantom power. M-Audio offers no external battery, but my microtrack 2496 Bruce Koball designed and built a portable adapter that supplies regulated 5V through a USB connector from an external battery.


My first test was to make rehearsal tapes of the microtrack 2496 I'm in, the Sippy Cups. I set the recorder, with T mic attached, on top of my bass amp, near the drum kit.

Telephone Interview Recording Rig

If it requires repair during microtrack 2496 period, ship it back to M-Audio postage paid with a description of the problem. With the latest firmware installed, the MicroTrack is certainly worth its modest price. PROS: Very portable.

Records high-resolution audio. Analog and digital inputs. Be the first to review this product.

It's also a perfect tool to capture song ideas without a pile of stuff to make it happen. With minimal extra outboard gear decent mic pres and micsits recording quality and noise floor is microtrack 2496 useful for any professional purpose. Microtrack 2496 Subject. If you are careful, are fairly skilled, and can solder, you should be able to replace the battery.

If your M-Audio Microtrack is dead and it won't power up, first try to recharge the unit for a few hours to microtrack 2496 if the display will power up. If that doesn't work, press the power and delete key at the same time for a few seconds to reset and reboot the firmware. Or find a mic of similar quality and type that will work? Most of the broken if you buy microtrack 2496 will be with dead batteries which have caused the issue or people have damaged CF cards.

You can replace the battery with iPhone batter the older model and that should give you good life. Leave the white wire disconnected, since it is not used in the M-Audio unit, and be sure to tape over it and to the battery so it is electrically isolated.Congratulations on your purchase of the M-Audio MicroTrack 24/ The MicroTrack 24/96 is a portable recorder that can record stereo audio signals directly to. You can charge the battery either via the power supply or by connecting the Microtrack 24/96 to a PC or Mac via USB. M-Audio have obviously microtrack 2496 note of.

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