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The remedy for breach of this limited warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of any BlendMount brand Product that proves to be defective, and media-tech mt4015 not extend or create liability for consequential damages, costs or expenses, including loss of time, inconvenience, or loss of use of the vehicle to which the Product is installed. At the end of two minutes the converter out to cooler fluid temperature should return media-tech mt4015 within normal operating temperature range. If the transmission fluid does not cool within two minutes, the cause could be a stuck torque converter stator or an issue with the transmission cooler, lines or fittings.

Transmission Stall Test Results.

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NOTE: Environmental conditions, such as ambient temperature, altitude, engine accessory loss variations, etc. Due to media-tech mt4015 conditions, stall speed can vary from specification by rpm and still be accepted as within published stall speed. Verify proper fluid level using the oil level sensor, if equipped or dipstick. Remove the drain plug from the oil pan. Fluid Examination.

Reinstall the drain plug. Remove the transmission fill tube if it interferes with transmission removal. Plug the fill tube hole in the main housing to keep dirt from entering the transmission. NOTE: A significant amount of fluid may drain from the hydraulic lines when they are disconnected from the transmission. Disconnect all hydraulic lines from the transmission. Remove the lines from the media-tech mt4015 if they interfere with transmission removal. Plug all openings to keep dirt from entering the hydraulic system. If an integral cooler is used, drain coolant from cooler and disconnect coolant hoses.

Allison Transmision MT4015EN

Remove the hoses from the vehicle if they interfere with transmission removal. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly media-tech mt4015 of date. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, this manual refers to all Allison 4th Generation Controls for and Product Family transmissions, except for the SP model.

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The differences between the various transmission models are explained as required. Transmission Inspection. Clean and inspect the exterior of the transmission media-tech mt4015 regular intervals. Media-tech mt4015 of service and operating conditions determine the frequency of these inspections.

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Inspect the transmission for: Loose boltstransmission and mounting components. Fluid leaksrepair immediately.

Loose, media-tech mt4015, or improperly adjusted throttle sensor. Damaged or loose hoses. Worn, frayed, or improperly routed electrical harnesses.

Worn or damaged electrical connectors. Dented, worn or out-of-phase driveline U-joints media-tech mt4015 slip fittings. Clogged or dirty breather vent assembly. Check transmission fluid for evidence of engine coolant.


Media-tech mt4015 Inspection. Check the vehicle cooling system occasionally for evidence of transmission fluid. Transmission fluid in the vehicle cooling system indicates a faulty oil cooler.


A label describing on-vehicle welding precautions STEN is available from your authorized Allison media-tech mt4015 dealer media-tech mt4015 should be installed in a conspicuous place. A vehicle used in a vocation that requires frequent modifications or repairs involving welding must have an on-vehicle welding label. Transmission fluid cools, lubricates, and transmits hydraulic power. Always maintain proper fluid level.Version:Size: MBytes, Added: 08/11/, License:. Type: Windows 98/ME//XP/Vista.

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