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You would think they would just mark the darn shaft, most people probably dont go through all the trouble I am and probably never figure it out. Yes, it can be very confusing.

As the link provided shows, that is incorrect. I ended up making notes in a small notepad I keep loft settings for rocketballz my loft settings for rocketballz for range sessions, using that chart from the link I provided further up. This video by Taylormade golf contradicts the tunetaylormade. I dont know who to believe, Taylormade or Taylormade? The R9 adaptors are in half degree increments, for a total of 2 degrees change. That's what came stock on my Supertri. My R11 3 wood also has 0. The R11s and RBZ are. The only difference between the R11s and RBZ adaptors is the color. Inversely, if you decrease the loft, the club will turn open when placed on the ground.


With the RBZ, you can not. What you will have to do to get a square face at address is physically set it loft settings for rocketballz and hold it there. Bag 1 F7 9. So I've been playing with my driver and R9 fairways settings a little bit and this is what I've came up with. Adding loft on the R9 same as RBZ closes face angle. I think the tour model heads or tour spoon are 1 degree open at neutral.

Tips for changing your loft on an adjustable driver Golf Channel

Oct 7, So for a left handed would this chart be reversed? A slight offset, such as the one found in the PGX Offset Driver PGX Offset Driver, can give the player a much needed split second of time to close the clubface down and prevent the slice from occurring. A slice is by far the most common miss for a beginner golfer, so this offset driver is an attractive option for those who are always losing their balls to the right. At address, the offset can actually make it difficult to align the driver properly. Any sort of worry on the tee box is bound to lead to a tight, bad golf swing! However, you may already be using offset irons most game improvement irons have a pronounced offsetso you may already be used to aiming an offset club. The PGX Offset driver comes in a I noticed the paint on the crown did scratch fairly easily, so make sure you use the headcover every time to prevent unwanted wear and tear on the clubhead.

The stock shaft included with the PGX Offset loft settings for rocketballz is a Regular Flex, so it should be used only by those with moderate swing speeds. If your drives typically fly yards, the PGX shaft should fit you nicely.

TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver

A shorter shaft is generally favored for more accuracy, loft settings for rocketballz a longer shaft will generate more clubhead speed loft settings for rocketballz may send the ball more offline. A long, straight drive can put you in position to make a birdie or an easy par. It turns a par 5 into a birdie hole instead of a long, tough slog. And a poor drive can go out of bounds or into a hazard, costing you penalty strokes and all but assuring double bogey or worse. Ten more balls and I was happy with the general flight. When I really went after the ball my ballflight was even higher. Sound — Superfast sounds way more solid.

Flight — RBZ was more workable for me.


I am generally a high ball hitter but the RBZ was more controllable. Distance — sorry weather did not permit to make a fairjudgment but both drivers are long IMO. I will definitely stick with the RBZ.

We hit 6 shots with each of the settings and recorded the results on a Trackman launch monitor. M3 Tuning Manual. Lie Angle. It is definitely worth experimenting with the settings to loft settings for rocketballz what works best and even better if you can get to a PGA professional or club fitter who can help you figure out your best setting. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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TaylorMade Releases RocketBallz RBZ Driver & Tour Driver - Page 26

Let our testing results be your guide: TOO HIGH It's not too often that a golfer launches the ball too high off the tee, but certain swings have a natural but excessively upward angle of attack coming loft settings for rocketballz the ball.I recently purchased the TaylorMade RBZ driver and while it advertises 8 settings for lie, loft, and face angle with the shaft, only 4 of them are. I really liked the way the RBZ Tour set up, but I tried it at 9*, and standard setting. I would need to take loft off if go in this direction. I just loft settings for rocketballz to.

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