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Review your use of the connection character sets and change it if you are not specifying it explicitly.

GitHub - FirebirdSQL/jaybird: JCA/JDBC driver for Firebird

Be aware that changing this may require you to fix the data as it jaybird jdbc currently stored in your database if your database character set does not match the local platform encoding of your Java application. If you jaybird jdbc sure that NONE is the correct character set for you, specify it explicitly in your connection string or connection properties.

Replacement or upgrade of logging library Logging in Jaybird 2. We will either switch to slf4j, or upgrade Log4J to version 2. The current implementation of DatabaseMetaData methods do not conform to the JDBC specification when it comes to case sensitivity and jaybird jdbc object names.

You can subscribe jaybird jdbc the mailing list by sending an email to firebird-java-subscribe yahoogroups. On Jaybird Frequently Asked Questions. On Jaybird wiki. On Stack Overflowplease tag your questions with jaybird and firebird.


Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and expectations of Stack Overflow before asking, see Stack Overflow Tour and Help Center: Asking. Report bugs or jaybird jdbc patches on the tracker see Reporting Bugs. Become a developer for Jaybird contact us on firebird-java, for Firebird in general, use the Firebird-devel mailing list. The developers follow the firebird-java yahoogroups.

Jaybird 3.0.6 released

Join the list and post information about suspected bugs. List members jaybird jdbc be able to help out to determine if it is an actual bug, provide a workaround and get you going again, whereas bug fixes might take awhile. You can report bugs in the Firebird bug tracker, project "Java Client Jaybird ". When reporting bugs, please provide a minimal, but complete reproduction, including databases and source code to reproduce the problem. Patches to fix bugs are also appreciated. Make sure jaybird jdbc patch is against a recent master version of the code. You can also fork the jaybird repository and create pull requests. Jaybird is a regular JDBC driver and supports two primary ways to obtain connection: via java. DriverManager and via an implementation of the javax.

Android port of the Firebird Jdbc driver (Jaybird) is released - Firebird News

DataSource interface. DriverManager was the first connection factory in Java. The driver manager then jaybird jdbc which driver s - if any - can establish a connection. In other words, the type of connection that the application wants to obtain, in this example it is a connection to a Firebird database.


As required by the JDBC specification, at this point driver registers itself with jaybird jdbc. FBDriver" is no longer necessary, except when the driver is not on the system class path.

Examples where it may be necessary to explicitly load the driver are web applications that include the driver in the deployment. There, the driver is not on the system jaybird jdbc path, so it will need to be loaded explicitly. We will leave out jaybird jdbc of Class.

DriverManager loads the drivers from the system class path. This happens automatically.

This is only necessary if the automatic loading see previous item is not available.Jaybird May 25,JaybirdJDK_zip, Jaybird for Java 8 / JDBCzip kit (also suitable for Java 9 and higher). Jaybird jdbc is a JCA/JDBC driver suite to connect to Firebird database servers. This driver is based on both the JCA standard for application server connections to.

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