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Hopefully the server plugin will be available from the Emby catalog soon, for those of us that are too lazy to do it the manual way. Posted 11 February - AM. GlennNZ Thanks a million for keeping alive and improving the old Yatse2 app Hopefully the imon thermaltake plugin will be imon thermaltake from the Emby catalog soon, for those of us that are too lazy to do it the manual way.

Posted imon thermaltake February - PM. Fix for Save Settings if Blank Items. Fixes for DDC when slow to later check connection possible. Version 1. Fix for Fanart Opacity not saving. Support MediaPortal! We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us. This should enable the remote to work imon thermaltake for some VFD users.

LIRC / Re: iMON 15c (LC16M): Unrecognized volume buttons on Mozart SX panel [+PATCH]

Verison 1. Version 0. I just created a plugin to display status information from DVBViewer 3. Feedback is appreciated! The blue backlight will go out. SoundGraph provides new concepts on the viewpoint of users who receive these multimedia contents and produces innovative imon thermaltake based on the new concepts. As of LIRC 0.

imon thermaltake Several patches were available, but they can be depended on LIRC version and kernel version:. Incomplete, needs to be expanded.

Thermaltake imon LCD Display

Recompile and install, and you're good to go. For LCDProc Outdated: The information on this page may no longer be relevant imon thermaltake the current release of MythTV, Try one more, press the buttons longer etc.


If nothing works, check lirc mailing list. Here imon thermaltake my codes for the volume knob, although I never use it.

I set backlight to and it looks pretty good. I haven't applied any special patches just followed the wiki above. Imon thermaltake all the buttons did more or less what I wanted.

Still compared to my old mce remote microsoft v2 it's very bad. Most button presses imon thermaltake translated into 2 button presses.

Thermaltake imon LCD Display MediaPortal

So pressing play is play and pause in mythtv. Down is 2x down etc. I think maybe fiddling with the settings even more could help, if I would know more but I imon thermaltake need to read more about the lircd. I also had a few generic remotes lying around from dvb-c cards. imon thermaltake


They didn't work very well, the conf files I made ended up being very unresponsive some button presses worked with long pauses. But I don't think my efforts were wasted I now know imon thermaltake about the whole thing. Getting this remote to work is not a high priority I have a working system to control it just having the remote would be a nice addition.


Hmm, Imon thermaltake be interested in knowing how you were launching irrecord? Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply; I was at work and as well as unable to get to any config my boss was starting to frown at my not working imon thermaltake enough : lsusb gives: Bus Device ID 15c2:ffdc SoundGraph Inc.

Comfort Is Everything: Remote Controls for Windows XP

As I've said imon thermaltake using the imon version in the wiki or at the start of this thread all buttons work execpt the pad. Oh, and whilst I haven't done a clean install I'm pretty sure Imon thermaltake gotten rid of the cvs version.

Lircd --version outputs "lircd 0. Hey Ive tried some cvs versions aswell but didnt get imon thermaltake far. Anyway your hardware. Comment or remove the old Up Down Left and Right and replace it with lircd.

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Edit: just tested it under myth, it's not ideal but it does work.Media Lab is based on the Soundgraph iMON VFD. iMON, imon thermaltake download. Infrared remote control recording and receiver. Includes tests and PC download for Windows 32 and bit systems.

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