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It was released in for PCs operating DOS, with subsequent Macintosh and Microsoft Windows releases in andit was one of the first games to bring the side-scrolling platformer style—common on gaming consoles—to gravis pc gamepad PC audience. On November 30, the game was re-released on GOG.


The game is set in a fantasy world based on Aesop's " The Tortoise and the Hare ", in which the enmity between tortoises and hares continues after three thousand years. An evil mastermind tortoise named Devan Shell begins conquering planets, suppressing any native confrontation. One of such planets, Carrotus, is home to a peaceful hare kingdom that, once gravis pc gamepad by Shell, is able to provide enough resistance to fend him off. Enraged by his loss, Devan decides to kidnap Carrotus princess Eva Earlong and hide her on a distant airbase of unknown location to weaken the hares. In response, the king chooses to send Carrotus' hero Jazz Jackrabbit, who carries a blue LFG gun, to various planets conquered by Devan that might contain clues to the location of Eva's imprisonment.

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As Jazz travels through different worlds, he gains new weapons and meets new enemies in his pursuit to rescue the princess and save Carrotus from Devan Shell and his army of Turtle Terrorists. Jazz is depicted as a bright green jackrabbit with bracers and a blue "blaster" gun; the game is divided into six episodes. Each episode has three planets, with every planet itself consisting of two levels; the final level of every episode features a boss that the player must deal with in order to complete the level. Episodes are tied by a single storyline progressing after each gravis pc gamepad is finished. Gameplay mechanics in Jazz are similar to Zool's, with the exception of not being able gravis pc gamepad destroy the enemies by jumping at them.

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Jazz will run faster and jump higher the longer he runs, avoiding chasms that might lead to harmful objects. Unlike other platform games, there are no abysses and every level bifurcates into subsections that might lead to valuable items while gravis pc gamepad direction of general progression is hinted at with occasional arrows.

Gravis pc gamepad 3d model

Jazz has a life bar. Jazz can withstand a limited number of hits from harmful objects before losing a life. Lives can be accumulated to the maximum number of ten; when killed, Jazz starts from the level beginning or any checkpoint sign was reached and shot before. Items that the player can pick up resemble food, computer hardware components or other familiar shapes, give gravis pc gamepad points each. Weapons vary in numbers and consistency and include bouncing launcher grenades, flame bullets, bi-missile projectiles and TNT sets.

Large sets gravis pc gamepad ammunition can only be collected by being shot from their enclosure. The first game features a timer that starts a number of minutes at the beginning of each level and counts down to zero. If Jazz finishes the area with a big red diamond, he gets to enter the bonus stage. In these stages, animation switches to a pseudo-3D of Jazz as he runs on a speedway with the purpose of gathering as many blue diamonds as requested before time runs out, while obstacles try to stop him or slow him down. If the task is accomplished the player is provided with an extra life. Item Location see all.

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Free International Shipping. It's not crap. I've used it since it was first released and it works as good as any other game-pad type controller I've owned. If you gravis pc gamepad occasionally play games on gravis pc gamepad PC that require that type of controller then it's a waste of maney to buy anything more expensive.


I personally had no problem with it. I would, however, suggest you ask someone you know IRL and know gravis pc gamepad have similar tastes as far as these thigns are concerned. Posting questions like this will get you an equal number of different answers.

Perhaps I missed them. The gamepad is no longer manufactured, as Gravis was acquired in by Kensington Computer Products Group.

The gamepad's design is similar to that of the stock SNES controller more so the Japanese and European version with colored buttonsalthough it lacks the Start, Select and shoulder buttons, and the shape of the gravis pc gamepad chassis differs slightly, with an inverted curve on the left side. The GamePad was also the official gamepad of Jazz Jackrabbitas noted in the shareware demo version of the game.


The gamepad appears in the game as a power-upand as an advertisement in the background, gravis pc gamepad reads "All kids love Gravis GamePad". For parts or not working. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format see all. All Listings.The Gravis PC GamePad is a game port game controller produced by Advanced Gravis Computer Technology first released in It was the first gamepad for the IBM PC compatible in a market then dominated by joysticks.‎Features gravis pc gamepad.

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Combination control pad and joystick; Control direction switch for left or right handed play; User-selectable button configuration for single shot or Turbo fire.

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