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Installation software is provided for each supported OS platform, with support for specific software packages being implemented via further software plug-ins and low-latency ASIO drivers. The unit itself is roughly comparable in size to a Mackie Control and is set out in a fw 1884 tascam way, with eight sets of channel controls towards the left of the unit and the transport controls to the right. Eight of the faders control the currently selected bank of eight channels, with the remaining fader functioning as a master level control.


A smooth data wheel in the transport section handles a number of functions depending on what is supported by the host software, and Bank keys are used for shifting control via the physical faders between different blocks of eight software channels or, in conjunction with the Shift key, for moving along one channel at a time. The mic and line inputs are present on eight balanced XLRs and jacks and all eight channels have analogue insert points, while the analogue outs are on eight balanced jacks that may also be used unbalanced. Installing the software involves a general driver installation plus plug-ins for whichever host software you plan to work with. The basic fw 1884 tascam is automatic, but with the pre-release software I was working with, the plug-in had to be placed in the host software's control surface plug-in folder manually. Though the connection is by Firewire, the driver software interfaces with the host's internal MIDI routing for the purpose of sending and receiving control information, so in addition to the four physical MIDI ports, there's one further virtual MIDI port that needs to be set up as the In and Out source for your sequencer's control surface setup page.

Field Test: Tascam FW Control Surface/Interface - Mixonline

Though fewer Logic functions are directly accessible from the FW than with my Logic Control, the experience of recording and mixing seems much more akin to using a digital mixer, so recording, mixing and handling the mix automation are exceptionally simple. It's also easy to mark in and out points for looping or punching in, and as with Logic Control, there's a one-button Save function. Has some minor blemishes as it fw 1884 tascam used. Remote track arming. Standalone mixing. CONS: Insufficient documentation. Minimal metering. Limited marker location.

As to fw 1884 tascam the cable in upsidedown; "I find it hard because of the shape of a Firewire cable" The port on the FW is "weak" in that regard and will "spread" and allow the cable in upsidedown. It a common problem and is why I stock the U9 replacement chips.

HOW Sound. Regional and Local. Skip to main content. A dedicated button on the interface opens the FW control panel, which is a nice touch. Though the unit was tested most thoroughly with Fw 1884 tascam Audio which has a reputation for giving many third-party devices a good workout! The EQ could be addressed on every application except Cubase at this time.

With Sonar, Fw 1884 tascam found that there was a slight but quite noticeable delay between moving the physical faders and the software responding both visually and audibly and there also seemed to be a noticeable MIDI delay. On checking with Tascam I was told that this was a problem with the ESS Maestro sound driver causing a conflict, so this should be disabled.

I just wrote an URL. That capability let fw 1884 tascam plug a few of the gaps I'd found, such as opening the Edit History window or grabbing the counter readout and copying it to DP's selection start or end fields.

TASCAM FW1884 FireWire Audio Interface Mixer With Control Surface

Keep in mind that the FW's sole purpose is to integrate with and enhance third-party products. That puts Tascam fw 1884 tascam the unenviable and challenging position of providing the ability to interface with different control protocols and accommodate each supported DAW's idiosyncrasies. I don't fw 1884 tascam the difficulty of following the lead of other companies in this quest, but in the end, the usefulness of the FW hinges on how deeply and smoothly it works with your DAW software and MIDI hardware, regardless of where the fault lies for limitations and problems.

The FW is a good value and offers a well-rounded package of functionality. Forgot Your Password? Forgot your Username? Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out.

I had not owned a capable, dedicated drum machine since my E-MU Systems Drumulator went belly-up some time ago or There are tons of interfaces available for fw 1884 tascam audio to and from your computer, and it can be hard to tell them apart as many of them have similar features. How come apple doesn't have any solution on this issue? Before reaching this result, I've reread the user guide entirely. Launch Sonar and try. fw 1884 tascam


Lather, rinse and repeat until you find your best settings. At this point we have rolled back how Windows addresses the firewire port. Fifteen feet is the specified maximum.With FireWire's high-bandwidth capabilities, the FW provides audio fw 1884 tascam MIDI interfacing to computers as well as control of DAW parameters via eight. Co-designed by TASCAM and. Frontier Design Group, the. FW is a professional DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface that uses fw 1884 tascam FireWire .

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