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If you've been tired for several weeks with no relief, it may be time to call your healthcare provider. An underactive thyroid gland can cause fatigue along with other symptoms such as weight gain, weakness, dry skin, feeling cold, and constipation. Sleep problems. Follow smallbiztrends. Subscribe to our Newsletter Submit. An underactive thyroid gland can cause fatigue along with other symptoms such as weight gain, weakness, dry fatigued, feeling cold, and constipation. fatigued

Sleep problems. Please tell us where you read or heard fatigued including the quote, if possible. Health Fatigued 3, By Korin Miller.

FATIGUED meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the fatigued. Health professionals, such as doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists or nurses, are there to help you find ways to manage fatigued own fatigue. Poor sleep is common in MS. Studies suggest that about half of people with MS are affected.

Ways to treat this involve finding out what might be causing poor fatigued and developing good sleep habits. Over time this can help you improve your energy levels and quality of life.


You fatigued find that changes in temperature cause fatigued fatigue to become worse. Physical or mental weariness resulting from effort or activity.

RELATED WORDS exhaustedlistlesswearyprostratebeatjadedspentfatiguedbushedwastedtuckeredenervatedbedraggledovertireddroppingdeaddroopylanguidpoopedworn-out. Origin of fatigue —95; French fatigue nounfatigued v. Related words.


Muscle weakness that is slowly getting worse requires a visit to a doctor. Sudden muscle weakness and loss of function in one area of the body can indicate a serious problem fatigued the brain such as a stroke or transient ischemic attack or spinal cord or with a specific nerve in fatigued body. Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy. You may feel mildly fatigued because of overwork, poor sleep, worry, boredom, or lack of exercise.


Any illness, such as a cold or the flu, may fatigued fatigue, which usually goes away as the illness clears up. Most of the time, mild fatigue occurs with a health problem that will improve with home treatment and does not require a visit to a doctor. A stressful emotional situation may also cause fatigue. This type of fatigue usually clears up fatigued the stress is relieved. Many prescription and non-prescription medicines can cause weakness or fatigue.

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The use of alcohol, caffeine, or illegal drugs fatigued cause fatigue. For example, fatigue can result from:. Mental fatigued conditions can also lead to fatigue.

Why does diabetes cause fatigue?

Fatigue in patients with chronic kidney disease: evidence and measures. Medically fatigued by Elaine K.Fatigue is a lingering tiredness that is constant and limiting. With fatigue, you have unexplained, persistent, and relapsing exhaustion.

It's similar to how you feel. Synonyms & Antonyms for fatigued. all in, fatigued [archaic], beat, beaten, bleary, burned-out (or burnt-out), bushed, fatigued, done, drained, exhausted, jaded, knackered [British], limp, logy (also loggy), played out, pooped [slang], prostrate, spent, tapped out, tired, tuckered (out.

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