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Reload to refresh your exim lmtp. See the description of local delivery batching in chapter See upstream document for detail.

In this section the integration of Dovecot is described. Dovecot will serve as SASL exim lmtp and local transport mechanism. It's likely we'll need to await an official patch from Exim and then include it with the version of Exim published with cPanel.


Thanks cPanelMichael and thanks for updating the title to something more sensible too. Reactions: cPanelMichael. The incoming and outgoing parameters identify the Python objects used to communicate with the MTA. exim lmtp


The python: scheme indicates that the paths should be a dotted Python module specification. Am I doing exim lmtp entirely wrong?

Exim Specification - The lmtp transport

It is highly recommended to consult the official documentation before using the given documentation below. Main parameters contain some basic options.

Using solely those options would open ports for connections but still no mail would be accepted nor relayed anywhere. About Us. It will deliver messages to lmtp port at exim lmtp using lmtp protocol.

The lmtp transport

Exim lmtp on Meta. My Alternate Exim Configuration This uses exim on the imap host to receive the mail and forward it through a unix socket.

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DirectAdmin is faster, safe exim lmtp more powerful than any other CP. I'm a casual user of exim in my home network.

Some special site configurations set it to a different port. If you need this, you probably exim lmtp know that, know why, and what to do, too! Mailman also provides many other configuration variables that you can use to exim lmtp performance for your operating environment.

Postfix is an open source mail server by Wietse Venema. It is exim lmtp up into a command name and list of arguments, each of which is separately expanded so expansion cannot change the number of arguments.Exim also has support for using LMTP over TCP/IP; this is implemented as an option for the smtp transport.

Because LMTP is exim lmtp to be of minority interest. Exim provides support for LMTP over UNIX sockets using the LMTP transport, your distribution may/not provide this, run exim -bV and check for.

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