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To link odbc against a version of unixODBC that is located in a non-standard directory, append -L unixodbcdir to the cgo directive in mgodbc. Find More Posts by Easysoft linux odbc. Any suggestions are welcome.

SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux/Unix Getting Started Tutorial

Thanks for everything. By downloading one easysoft linux odbc distribution, you effectively get a SQL Server 7. The default is "yes" if thread-support is found on your machine. All modern Linuxes will have pthreads support in glibc so it is probably best to leave this to default. The default is "yes" if libreadline and its headers are found on your machine.

This principally only affects unixODBC isql program. If readline support is found then you can edit text entered at the SQL prompt in isql. The choices are:. No other data is sent. The data sent is transmitted as plain text, so if you easysoft linux odbc to avoid the possibility of this information being intercepted by someone else on the Internet, you should choose [2] and telephone or fax the request to us. The License daemon will return the license easysoft linux odbc, print it to the screen and make it available to the installation script in the file licenses. You should then exit the License Client by choosing option [0] and complete the installation.

How do I trace my Easysoft/ODBC connections

After you have mailed, faxed easysoft linux odbc telephoned the license request to us, we will return a license key. If any warnings or errors are output during this process, please mail the output to support easysoft.

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  • SQL Server ODBC Driver for Linux/Unix Getting Started Tutorial

Although the installation default is to do this test, you do not have to. If at any time you want easysoft linux odbc stop the test, type q at any prompt. If you decide to skip this part of the installation, you can use tdshelper after the installation completes to check your SQL Server connection settings.

Easysoft odbc driver

The installation uses tdshelper to search for SQL Server instances that are listening on your network. Easysoft recommend you install all OOB components as the root user. This OOB distribution contains:.

You may install the Client, the Server or both. However, most installations will install the Client on one machine and the Server on another machine. If you only want to access ODBC easysoft linux odbc through drivers on remote machines from this machine, you only need the Client on this machine and the Server on the machine where your remote ODBC driver is located.

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If you have ODBC drivers on this machine e. Most if not all UNIX applications and interfaces e.


The installation looks in the standard places but if you have installed it in a non-standard location you will need to provide that location to the installation script when it prompts you. The installation primarily needs unixODBC's odbcinst command to install drivers and any data sources. This easysoft linux odbc needs a location for the installed files.

At the start of the installation you will be prompted for an installation path. All files are installed in a subdirectory of your specified path called "easysoft. Easysoft linux odbc allows us to distribute binaries with built in dynamic linker run paths.

For information about how this may be corrected manually, see Post installation steps for non-root installations.Easysoft ODBC, Easysoft linux odbc and XML drivers let you access Oracle, SQL Server,Access, InterBase, DB2, Derby, Sybase, Firebird, RMS, ISAM, Coda. The document provides background information about ODBC and its implementation on Easysoft linux odbc and UNIX, describes the unixODBC ODBC Driver Manager in.

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