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Our distributor management and marketing team, consisting of over 50 people in four strategic locations in China, focuses on the training and active management of our distributors, as well as marketing efforts such as sponsoring academic conferences and exhibiting kanghui tech trade shows. In addition, we have a dedicated team that handles medical affairs, such as providing surgeon training and interfacing with key orthopedic surgeons in China. As of June 30,internationally, we had a network of 27 distributors that sell our products in 24 countries.


We are a Cayman Islands company and substantially all of our assets are located outside of the United States. We conduct substantially all of kanghui tech operations in the PRC. In addition, most of our directors and officers are nationals and residents of countries other than the United States. As a result, it may be difficult for you to effect service of process upon these persons in the United States. It may also be difficult for you to enforce judgments obtained in U.

Nirupama Medical Devices

Table of Contents liability provisions of the securities laws of the United States or any state. Furthermore, kanghui tech Cayman Islands or PRC courts may not be competent to hear original actions brought in the Cayman Islands or the PRC against us or such persons predicated upon the securities laws of the United States or any state. We operate in a heavily regulated industry. Medical devices are subject to laws and regulations issued by a number of government agencies in China and internationally.

Such laws and regulations relate to the manufacturing, clinical trial, registration, distribution and pricing of medical devices. We must comply with kanghui tech laws and regulations.

Kanghui Medical

In addition, we are or may become subject to examination, supervision and comprehensive regulations by various authorities with regard to compliance with such laws and regulations. Because our business is highly regulated, the laws, regulations and rules are subject to regular modification and change. From time to time, various laws, regulations and rules are proposed, which, if adopted, could kanghui tech our operations or could substantially and adversely affect our ability to operate kanghui tech by making compliance much more difficult or expensive, restricting our ability to develop or operate our business and our growth prospects.

It is impossible to predict the competitive impact that any such change would have on the medical device industry where we operate in general or on our business. If we or our distributors fail to comply with such applicable laws and regulations, we kanghui tech be required to make significant changes to our business or suffer fines or penalties, including the potential loss of our business licenses. Aspects of the impending healthcare reform in China may adversely affect our business. The Chinese government has approved in principle a healthcare reform plan to address the affordability of healthcare services, the rural healthcare system and healthcare service quality in China. The healthcare reform covers various sectors of kanghui tech services, including the use of implantable medical devices, such as our products.

Nirupama Medical Devices

The Pricing Opinions are still pending and have not been promulgated to date. The ultimate retail prices of our products to patients can reach four to five times our ex-factory price, depending on several factors, such as the bidding price, the pricing strategy of each distributor, the different regions and hospitals in which the products are sold, the number of intermediaries, such as sub-dealers, and whether the products are spine or trauma, or new models or older generation products. Although no detailed policies or rules have been issued by the NDRC or other Chinese government authorities to date, the Chinese government may kanghui tech further steps towards regulation of implantable medical devices or implement the proposals described above.

If that happens, we may incur additional expenses. Table of Contents or costs to comply with the kanghui tech requirements. Moreover, we may not be able to find desired distributors interested in selling our products due to decreased distributor margins, and we may be subject to significant pricing pressure on our products as well as pressure on our gross margin. If we fail to comply with the proposed new requirements when they become effective, we may be subject to penalties such as a fine up to the amount equal kanghui tech five times the illegal income or up to RMB1,, if no illegal income is generated, confiscation of illegal income and, under severe cases, an order to suspend operations for rectification and for those who seek excessive profits by violating pricing laws and regulations, revocation of their business licenses by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

All of these events could materially and adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.


If the government, public insurers or third-party payors do not provide sufficient coverage and reimbursement for the use of our products, our net revenue could be adversely affected. Sales of medical devices, such as our products, largely depend on the availability of adequate reimbursement from government, public insurers or third-party payors. Surgeons and patients generally rely on these sources to kanghui tech all or part of the costs and fees associated with the use of the medical devices and procedures performed with these devices. Surgeons and patients are unlikely to use kanghui tech medical devices if they do not receive reimbursement adequate to cover the cost of their use in surgical procedures.

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Since its founding kanghui techKanghui Medical has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic products in China. The company has been recognized as a Key National Hi-Tech Enterprise, and is also a member of the Kanghui tech Surgical Implants and Orthopedic Instruments.

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