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I measured the core loss when the transformer is unloaded, the loss is calculated to be huge,around W in my case. Do you use active cooling for the diy zvs flyback

I have prepared the material for it. The core was tiny,the windings diy zvs flyback from aluminium, and used maximum flux density. It will soon fail without oil immersion, so i recommend not to use it. Hi sieu, you could add a ballast or choke in series with the transformer, i have not yet had the oppertunity to modify one so my knowledge on microwave transformers is not good.

If you find an old UPSthey have nice diy zvs flyback transformers inside — can output up to A i measured it with a clamp meter over a dead shortso im impressed with it. Hello Mads and Dylan. The core was made as small as possible, so the transformer rated for w is just an ordinary W transformer. So when I reduce the flux density or volt per turns it will make the transformer run cooler but also decrease the maximum current that I can draw. Do you notice the transformer have a different construction than normal ones? The e lamination stacks on each other and so does the I lamination, then they are welded together.

ZVS Flyback Driver – PocketMagic

And even this transformer have a magnetic stunt act like an current limiter. Adding a inductive choke in series with the current transformer just dissipated the heat equally between the choke and the transformer, that is not much diy zvs flyback than adding turns to the primary it will run at 1. So Dylan, how heavy is that transformer? So it will need more voltage to runs at higher diy zvs flyback 30amp max with 24 volt input.


Hi Mads and Dylan, I found a diy zvs flyback ways of getting a power supply. Yesterday I bought broken Chinese power supply pc psu for 1. I have opened it to see what is broken, by replace the input capacitor pair which is suffered from diy zvs flyback plague i am able to get it to work again. Now I have 22 amp 12 volt psu for 1. The psu is rated for w but for Chinese one I will just draw w at most. The arcs are 2.

Unfortunately I make a stupid mistake by pull the hv wire far apart from each other the 2rd time I make this mistakeso far I have killed 3 mosfets. It is great to hear you have some progress, you might find that computer power supplies are diy zvs flyback that easy to just put in series as they loose their reference points in regard to ground. You need to remove the ground connections to the power supplies so they become floating power supplies and they can diy zvs flyback connected in series.


Hi Mads, The atx power supply have a nice diy zvs flyback that I think it is suitable for this driver than the transformer. The internal short circuit protection seem very diy zvs flyback, when a mosfet in the pair got shorted the supply immediately cut off the power so the other mosfet will be saved. As for the transformer there is no overcurrent protection so when one got fried the other also got fried. So I saved one of my mosfet, please add a overcurrent protection circuit to the driver circuit. It is very hard to get it done but if it could be implemented it can guarantee the stability of the driver and save a lot of money and effort. That can be very time consuming to design such an circuit but the effect can overcome the time put in it, a lot of DIY community member will benefit from such protection circuit.

How to Build a Simple But Powerful Flyback Driver

There are much better circuits to build if you want over current protection, f. Overall the zvs worked very well in low voltage regimes volt and that OK, the efficiency is very good expect for the 12v power supply. However my arcs are tiny if at all and it is only when I strike the arc diy zvs flyback touching the wires and then move the wires apart that I can get it to extend to 1 cm if lucky.

Current draw is less than 1 amp when no arc; diy zvs flyback up to 4 amps with arc after touching HV wires. What am I doing wrong? This way you can put higher voltage in this diy zvs flyback. I suggest you go up to 40V.Then try: The ZVS Flyback Driver It is probably the most powerful and efficient flyback Unlike the simple timer flyback drivers, The ZVS flyback drivers will allow you to run . Simon Says Game - 3D Printable Arduino Nano DIY Project. ZVS High Voltage Power Supply: Everybody has seen a high voltage arc DIY Induction Heater. Step 1: What Is a ZVS Flyback Driver and How It Works.


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