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Diy auratone used the wadding from an old duvet! Auratone dimensions are 6. I made them half an inch wider at the front but kept the internal volume the same, using 0.

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Just for fun I made them look old with some varnish and stuck a label on them! Which 5C is the "original" that we should clone? None of the drivers for any of the revisions are still in production. Additionally, Avantone and Behringer currently offer their own versions of the sound cube design. But, even if these practical limitations were not in place, would there really be a point to strictly cloning the 5C? Unlike, say the Neumann U47 microphone, the 5C is not special for having a certain, diy auratone sonic character.

The 5C is special because it helps engineers listen in a certain way. Engineers have described the 5C's role in various ways: "putting the mids under a microscope," "replicating real-world listening conditions," diy auratone the sweet spot," "forcing the ear to focus on the mids," etc.

Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio (Cambridge Music Technology)

Our goal with this project is to create a speaker kit that diy auratone the 5C's role in mixing as well as possible, not to create the closest possible physical reproduction. Ripe for DIY Unlike most vintage-inspired DIY projects, there are no specialized components to source, such as tubes, transformers, etc. And unlike most DIY speaker projects, the woodwork is simple; it's a cube. With that in mind, we're confident that we can release a DIY kit that's incredibly cost effective and beginner friendly. Our most recent box design and kit components. Choosing Drivers As I'll detail in my next post, we have built and verified a final box design that is easy to assemble at home while maintaining the internal dimensions of our reference speaker.

However, we have not determined which drivers, if any, to include in the kit.

Step by Step making an Auratone clone

We have discovered at least seven different drivers that meet the rough specs of the 5C's size and sound. Diy auratone we have chosen a driver, we will certainly recess the baffle so that the speaker frame sits flush with the front panel. Here is example of router bit set needed to recess driver. Just set depth, adn choose bearing that gives diy auratone flange width, run router around hole you have cut for speaker. Now speaker will sit flush with face of cabinet. Again just an example… probably cheaper elsewhere.

Davetone mixcubes

You should cut the holes with a circle cutter. This allows for any size driver. Also, using a router diy auratone can recess the speaker frame into the front baffle but that gets a bit more expensive especially if you don;t have a router. Here is circle cutter and you can diy auratone find them cheaper.

But this allows the whole deal to built with just a hand drill… although they do make circle guides for sabre saws as well. It uses two cutters instead of one. I can understand the issues with final diy auratone after assembly. As for driver, maybe you can suggest the acceptable range of driver parameters that would offer reasonable performance in ths enclosure, as a starting point for those wanting to source their own drivers. My understanding of speaker design is that the volume of the box is dependent on the characteristics of the driver.

And since every driver is different then every box would need to be different in diy auratone to create the frequency response you are looking for. The top pin should be '2' and the middle pin '3', as shown in this updated version.

Smyth Research Realiser A8: If you're unable to mix over loudspeakers for non-budgetary reasons, then there is an alternative headphone-monitoring option available that really does work: the convolution-based loudspeaker-modelling engine of the Smyth Research Realiser A8. Check out this very useful thread: Auratone DIY I diy auratone built a pair with the Maplin drivers, which are apparently no longer available.

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The diy auratone has some good explanations of what makes a good clone. Originally Posted by geotone.


I can quickly and easily correct those tracks with some subtle EQ and when I flip back to my regular monitors they still sound just as great. But now I know they will sound great everywhere else. A simple mono, diy auratone range speaker like the Behritone can be the difference maker. Of course not. I say spend as little as you can.

DIY Auratone Complete! Here is my completed Auratone DIY b… Flickr

If you currently use a mono type speaker to reference in mixing, diy auratone here below what specific speaker you use and how much it cost. Might give everyone some options! I keep my main Monitors on the left and the right, connected to the audiointerface of my computer. And since I have only 2 audio outputs on my interface — do I have always unplugg the main monitors and plug Behritone in?

Or is there an easier setup? Thanks in advance!Depending on diy auratone close the speakers you use are to auratones ymmv.


fwiw I have Diy auratone auratones also. a pair of yamaha surround speakers  DIY mixcubes build. Monitor Cube Kit Design Pt. 1 March 12, 54 Comments.

Since their introduction in the s, the Auratone 5C "Super Sound Diy auratone monitors have been a must-have studio tool for countless engineers. In we at DIYRE began working on DIY-friendly monitor cube kit inspired.

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