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Thankfully, Digidesign did not make that mistake.

I love the way the Digi looks and feels. I'm just curious. I continued to throw the most difficult audio tasks that I could think of at the Digi jingling keys, tambourines, shakers, metallic hits, and big low-frequency thumps — all at bit, 96 kHz. In each case, the Digi held its digidesign digi 002, recording everything faithfully, with a minimum of the harshness and high-end distortion that is so often characteristic of Time was short, and I needed to set up an office on-site and get rolling right away. I decided to subject the Digi to a grueling real-world project.


For the most part, the Digi did its job admirably, helping me quickly create the whip cracks, pistol fire, zeppelin motors, and magical energy zaps that are a signature part of the Raiders of the Digidesign digi 002 Ark universe. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. Need to Know.


Digidesign Digi Digital Recording Interface 31 product ratings 4. About this product. The manual is not very good at telling you about these nice little touches, digidesign digi 002 when you discover one it's doubly pleasing. We thought it very neat that double-clicking a channel Select button opens the track-naming dialogue in PTLE, so you can name the track from your computer keyboard; you can move to preceding or subsequent tracks, to name them too, digidesign digi 002 the Command button plus the 's left or right cursor button. However, we were disappointed to find no way to open the New Track dialogue from the hardware, for creating new tracks. We would also have liked to see a way of assigning inputs to tracks via the hardware.

Digidesign Digi 002 Digital Recording Interface

There's no doubt that the control-surface aspect of the makes recording and mixing with Pro Tools LE much more comfortable, quick and intuitive, after you've gained a certain amount of familiarity with it, and saves much digidesign digi 002 and tear on the mouse arm. Of course, one has to become used to a certain amount of doubling up of the eight faders and eight encoders. It would be great if the was expandable with extra fader banks, like the Emagic Logic Control.

Not all digidesign digi 002 functions can be accessed from the hardware unit, but the majority of basic tracking operations can be performed without recourse to the mouse. Mixing, too, is straightforward, with all automation moves easily performed and recorded via the hardware. However, screen and mouse work are necessary when setting automation modes and enabling tracks for automation, as there are no dedicated automation controls.

Digidesign MX Digi Recorder Review

We missed a Save button, as in the midst digidesign digi 002 recording with the hardware and using it as our interface with the software we kept wanting to Save from it. Update my browser now. When the history of audio production and post is finally written, the brilliance of the Digidesign business digidesign digi 002 and its effective implementation will constitute an entire chapter.


By pushing just a few buttons you can call up the editing window digidesign digi 002 manipulate the waveforms using the tactile controls right in front of you, without leaving the Digi The faders and channel strip interfaces are taken from the Control 24 control surface. I use it with Pro Tools 7. I haven't had any compatibility issues with the interface, although I do have occasional issues with digidesign digi 002 Pro Tools software.

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The interface layout really couldn't be easier, plenty of monitoring options. I haven't had a need to ever look at the manual as it was easy enough to figure out. I have digidesign digi 002 it doesn't work as well with a PC, but I have no experience with that. As the only runs with Pro Tools, I have digidesign digi 002 no option of trying it with another type of software. North America. Delivery Options see all. Free International Shipping. Fortunately, I happened to have available a relatively new, Firewire-equipped Dell laptop.

This specific model the Inspironwhile not as well-specified as my desktop PC in terms of pure hardware grunt, did happen to be a model that Digidesign had tested and approved for use with the Rack. Repeating the install process with the Dell gave instant and trouble-free operation. Even the busiest of the demo Sessions containing some 20 audio tracks, a few MIDI tracks and a dozen or so plug-ins played back without the digidesign digi 002 breaking into a sweat.

Digidesign DIGI-002-FACTORY Software Plugins For DIGI-002

That's mighty impressive. An IEC-standard power jack digidesign digi 002 a footswitch jack complete the scene. One important connection is missing: a dedicated word-sync input on a BNC connection. The overall look and feel of the Digi is reminiscent of Digidesign's Control 24 control surface, which is not surprising.Digidesign Digi Photo: Mark EwingWhen the Digi recording system was launched inDigidesign had a considerable success on their hands.

If you fancied the well-specified, Firewire-based I/O of Digidesign's Digi but didn't need its control surface functions, you now have a cheaper alternative in.

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