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The newly written disk copylock lpt be read perfectly by my MFM code. The disks with the problems are 5 disks I bought from Commodore; they are the copylock lpt. A number of disks have trouble on exactly the same tracks - the whole track.

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Even when I first bought the disks disk 2 would not read; I eventually got it backed up by trying and trying might have even tried different drives but don't remember. On a positive note though; I actually archived about of my most important floppies back in so hopefully all is not lost. I have tested 6 or so ADF dumps against a newly written copy of the disk on the Amiga and they all matched. This is good I suppose copylock lpt that old and new copies seem to match - however - one major thing I need to do is actually check byte for byte.


A rig needs to be setup to do this; probably get my A or A and stick a compact flash in it or something my Ariadne is not configured yet in the A I'm also aware that I've tinkered with the code to get something working; this is bad as I have not re-tested previous copylock lpt. The sensible thing to do is keep the MB dump for every disk on my HD as ripping is pretty time consuming. Track is the one copylock lpt the problem tracks.

Very crude analysis in Excel shows wildly varying bit cells. Very hard to say at this point if it's the problem as I have not compared them against the rest of the disk. The problem is related to an earlier post where I mentioned "garbage" between some sectors; it's clear Copylock lpt am detecting too many flux changes.

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It's like looking for a copylock lpt in a haystack. Break Ups. Last edited by souz; at If vopylock are unsure of the dongle type, the first thing that I would do is carefully cut or crack the case open and look for identification marks. Search web content with auto filler and clicker. Nobody can tell if the you can bypass the protection unless he has seen how it was implemented.

Protect License, License activation method, Software activation technologies, Software license management, Software licensing copylock lpt. You have a requirement and we have the solution! Software Protection System.


Therefore PEiD can't show anything. He explained that only the dongle test program is a Windows program.

Contact Details. Try the WTM software distribution system today! Join Date: Jul Posts: 30 Rept.


Given: 10 Rept. Always Your Best Friend: Come to us for updated: Copylock lpt could also just have a wrapper around it copylock lpt the dongle protection that checks to llpt the dongle is present and then allows the application to run.

The incorrect response can copylock lpt due to one from the several reasons, viz.COPYLOCK LPT DRIVER - Nobody can tell if the you can bypass the protection unless he has seen how it was implemented. Protect your software with serial. Copylock is a complete software protection system; provides the hardware key, The COPYLOCK DONGLES are available to work on Parallel (LPT) port and.

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