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It does not hurt adding an extra option with an option of disabling it for people that do not want it. I am sure Chimei cmv 938a am not the only one but again, chimei cmv 938a is my opinion. I actually meant alongside as you have stated but what I meant is, the text alongside is either too much to the top or the bottom.

CMV a (chimei 19'' wide) wall mount? OCAU Forums

For example the Bookmarks toolbar in FF. You have the icon chimei cmv 938a then the text alongside but the text is centered. The text does not look too much to the top or bottom if you know what I mean. Netbooks and laptops. Sometimes one has to decrease font size in order for the entire GUI to fit in the screen.

19-inches Chimei CMV-938A Monitor

Thus, it should not be used as a blueprint for other GUI environments. After that, everything acts pretty much the same as Windows. Otherwise, people will never unlearn their bad habits that Windows has chimei cmv 938a in them.


Klipper chimei cmv 938a a default part of KDE, should be running by default, and should have prevented the problem you were having. This problem is fixed by using chimei cmv 938a clipboard manager. They either make a copy of everything copied onto the clipboard immediately to provide clipboard history, usuallyor when an application quits. I believe that XFCE handles it too. Other environments can just run another clipboard manager if they need to.

Hmm…yes, right you are. If you quit the app the clipboard content goes away.

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Havent used plain X in a while though and it does work globally in every DE I can think of. However, if you have Klipper running, then KDE takes control of the clipboard, and things works the way you want. chimei cmv 938a

Been that way since Klipper was created, and is the reason Klipper was created along with keeping a history of chimei cmv 938a clipboard contents. It is global … the clipboard protocol is part of X.

Well guess what, X came out first, so who really got it backwards? Except that only 1 thing can be in the clipboard.

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So which system is backward now" overview and full product specs on CNET. Please reply fast, thanks:)Tryed looking on their website and had no :// ?maincl.

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