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Flickering is an artifact that is visible even to a novice user, and it must be avoided at all costs.


The perception of washout, on the other hand, cabc lcd on its severity, and most systems trade off washout for power savings. A good system makes sure that the washout, if any, is not perceptible to the end user. It is possible to use knowledge about the human visual system to reduce such perceived artifacts. Finally, CABC affects not just brightness, cabc lcd color as well.

For example, if we decided backlight brightness based on luminance cabc lcd, color components would not be faithfully rendered. Solutions To get the best performance, histogram analysis is done separately for each color component. Go cabc lcd Go back.

Content Adaptive LCD Backlight Control

Log in to continue. Get early access to new products, datasheets, and free samples. The is a complete LCD backlight and bias cabc lcd solution for mobile devices. Integrated solution allows small solution size while still maintaining high performance. Two additional programmable LDO regulator outputs can be used to power display controller, LCD gamma reference, or any additional peripherals.

Content Adaptive LCD Backlight Control

Such devices include smart phones, personal navigation devices, portable media players, portable medical equipment and portable industrial instrumentation. DOI: This is what is written on the features page:. This new and innovative technologies sense when the contents on your screen are cabc lcd, and consume less energy when the image is static, allowing the vivid 5.

Last edited: Apr 27, MichaelApr 27, : If my memory serves me well DRAM cabc lcd static images to consume less power by keeping them in RAM, so the screen isn't constantly refreshing it. This design was synthesized by a 0.

OPO's "Mystery" Battery Tech: CABC and DRAM

Based cabc lcd a model of human perception, the DRC algorithms results in a displayed image that retains detail, color, and vitality even under difficult viewing conditions. VEE and DPO technologies specifically address the problem of the low contrast ratio of mobile displays to bring a more TV-like viewing experience to mobile devices while conserving power.

In effect, VEE automatically generates and applies a different iridix tone curve transform to every pixel in the input video, based on cabc lcd user parameters that control its general behavior. The basic algorithm does not distinguish between video detail and noise; noise in very dark or bright areas may be rendered visible after processing.

Himax Expands Content Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC) Technology to Various Mobile Devices

Practical implementations of iridix tone matching cabc lcd a gain control feature that limits the strength cabc lcd processing in different intensity ranges, so that noise is always kept outside the visible range. More recent additions to the core VEE algorithms have been the incorporation of modules for nonlinear space-variant color correction, noise reduction, and preservation of fine detail.


Subscribe via ATOM. Contact Us. As described before, reducing the cabc lcd always has the potential to cause washout. Washout can be controlled in several ways.LCD displays are widely used in cell phones, personal media players, Content- adaptive backlight cabc lcd (CABC) takes advantage of the fact. CABC: CABC stands for Content Adaptive Backlight Control.

Normally an LCD's backlight is set to the brightness that will make a white pixel fully illuminated.

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