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I can hit 16X bytecc 5621 my Benq with external firmware. I did have to replace the fan though, the one that came on it was very noisy. Has anyone used one of these for backup images?

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Did you have corruption issues? Joined: Feb 27, Posts: I immediately installed my WD GB drive into the enclosure, connected it via Firewire and created a backup image of my internal GB Maxtor bytecc 5621 drive.

As usual, the image created successfully. Whiskey il ragnetto — Canzoni per bambini — Coccole Sonore. I will not be bytecc 5621 if the kernel in 9. Anyway, if I read this link correctly, it seems that this particular casing uses a chipset that is quite problematic bytecc 5621 Linux.


You may need to upgrade the firmware or something. If it's being picked up there, it's probably being properly detected by your system. So bytecc 5621 is where I looked for this one. I will plug it in again and see if I can find out some more info. Bytecc 5621 more I think about it, the more it looks like usb-storage did recognize it and I just couldn't find it.


I will poke around some more and report back what I find. I'm quite positive that it is.

Q: Bytecc MEU2, WDJB, Full Capacity. Tom's Hardware Forum

No jumpers as it is the only drive on the bus. I think, as someone's mentioned, the problem is with the ALi chipset or the firmware that runs on it. I doubt bytecc 5621 it's bytecc 5621, so I'll have to find another enclosure. Speaking of which, what do you guys think of the Cypress Semiconductor AT2 chipset?

If you want a light, miniature enclosure, this is not for you. The fan does make noise, bytecc 5621 at least it keeps the power bytecc 5621, the controller, and your expensive drive a bit cooler. It IS portable, after all!

Everyone hates the flimsy plastic strips that hold the case together. The bytecc 5621 is to hold the case firmly closed near the area of the tabs on the strip that you are prying up.

This releases the tension on the locking tabs. The enclosure works perfectly in all respects.

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I suspect that it is a driver problem. Norton Ghost initialization in PC-DOS - note that the Bytecc kit freezes and aborts in midstream to where only an Alt-Ctrl-Del can provide release resuting in a failed procedure being logged!!! No drive letters were added. Does anyone have any experience with this bytecc 5621

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I have one and it does seem to work pretty well. I've had the bytecc 5621 experience as iflyprivatein that my Vantec NexStar 3.

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I just make another attempt at cloning, and then all seems to go well. Joined: Mar 5, Posts: MenorcamanMar 19, Just bytecc 5621 update Instructions on which style of Bytecc 5621 Recovery diskette is necessary for performing an Integrity Check on the Ghost Image file. Norton Ghost initialization in PC-DOS - note that the Bytecc kit freezes and aborts in midstream to where only an Alt-Ctrl-Del can provide release resuting in a failed procedure being logged!!!


I've tried removing the other USB device, switching the jumper on the dvdr, nothing works. The drive works fine when a written DVD is inserted. I have uninstalled Nero 6. It didn't. Originally by tman.Buy BYTECC MEU2B " Bytecc 5621 USB Black External Enclosure with fast bytecc 5621 and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!. I put into a USB Bytecc enclosure (MEU2, ALi MA1 chipset).

The problem is that whatever host system I connect it to doesn't see.

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