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FDA-cleared for radiology and mammography viewing and featuring a number of unique imaging technologies, Nio 5MP LED provides excellent image quality for confident diagnoses. The Nio Color 5MP has been designed especially for demanding radiology applications that require excellent grayscale rendition and detail, especially appreciated in mammography and breast tomosynthesis. With its 5. Need Help Ordering? The BarcoMed Driv er T barcomed nio supports the follo wing languages:. English U. S de faul barcomed nio. T raditional Chinese. T o change between the languages select the corr ect region via. Using the Bar coMed Driv er T ab. Please note that you must ha ve logged on to Windo ws using an.

Double click on the rec t a n g l e that repr esents the Barc o. The Status barcomed nio displays info rmation about the current.

BarcoMed displa y c ontrollerdriverand the currently select ed. This displays the barcomed nio ent Ba rcoMed display c ontroller. This displays the curr ent BarcoMed driv er version. This displays the curr ently selected disp lay r esolution.

Barco Nio MDNC LED Color Diagnostic Displays 3MP 2-Head MXRT PCIe Card Dell USA

barcomed nio In the P alett e Mode section y ou can choose one of the f our. If y ou are using a c olor display in. Windows XP desktop c orrectly. Use this palette option for applications, such as Jav awhich.

Such applications may no t work. All applica tions that are designed to w ork. Please not e barcomed nio dithering is no t used while in this mode.

BarcoMed Nio v5.3.1.0

Enable Barcomed nio check bo x will be gra yed-out, and dithering will. This complies with the Windo ws barcomed nio int erfac e. Alsoplease no te tha t dir ect acc ess to the hardw are thr ough. DirectDr aw is not allowed in this mode. The Enable Dir ectDr aw. Dir e ctDr aw is still usable through.

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UserModifiable Co lor P alett e. This option allows applica tions to modify th e palette c ont ents. As indicated in figure 37 on page 69, this mode. Windows oper ating syst em, but applicat ions can manipulate th e. This is the standard palette barcomed nio as. Stat ic Gray Pal ette in cl ud in g s ta nd ard s ys tem col or s. This option sets the palette t o be a static set of gr ay v alues.


Theref oreapplications are denied the ability t o dynamically. This prev ents palett e co nflicts. As shown in figure 38, the 20 standar d system c olors are. The rest of the entries. Please not e that dithe ring is not permitted while barcomed nio this mode. The Enable Dithering check box wi ll be gra yed-out, and dithering. This c omplies with the Windows standar d.


If y ou are unsur e whether or no t your. Stat ic Gray Barcomed nio ette wi th NO sys tem col or s. This option sets the palette t o be a static line ar ramp of There for e, applic ations are denied the ability t o. This pr events.

BarcoMed PCI for Nio - Barco

As shown in figure 39, e ach of the entries in the palette barcomed nio 8-bit display controllers produce simultaneous shades of gray out of a palette of In addition, the dual-head imaging boards, featuring Barco's proprietary AURA technology, offer ultra-fast image loading and realistic image representation. All Nio® display controllers.


PCI display controller for Nio display systems. The BarcoMed PCI is a powerful digital barcomed nio controller featuring proprietary AURA technology. It has been.

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