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Note: Converted list boxes are also grouped in the form standard 4D function. List boxes can be connected and disconnected using the Connect and Disconnect commands 4d v12 odbc in the Object menu of the Form editor:. When a connected list box i.

Forms The advanced options of the Form wizard have been updated based on the 4D product and hardware evolutions: The Screen Sizes list now includes "x" resolution: In the forms generated, the Variable name property is now left blank for navigation buttons. Note: Replacement of strings of the same length is just as fast as with the previous algorithm. Duplicates in Unique fields Additional information is provided when duplicates are detected in unique fields: 4d v12 odbc using the MSC or a command such as VERIFY DATA FILE, resulting logs now contain the names of the offending tables and fields, as well as each duplicated value During data entry, the "Duplicated key" error dialog box now contains the name of the offending table and field, as well as the duplicated value.

When 4D opens a data file, if an index needs to be built or rebuiltduplicates are now automatically detected in the associated field s declared as unique.


In this case, a specific 4d v12 odbc dialog box is displayed before database opening, providing the user with the information needed to identify and remove duplicates: WEB: 4D tags and decimal separators 4D always uses the period character. Regional settings are now ignored in this context. Timestamping of maintenance log files The names of log files generated during maintenance operations through the MSC or the 4D Server administration window are now unique and therefore differ each time they are saved to disk. In previous versions, these files always used the same name so the previous log file if any was overwritten by the new one each time a new maintenance operation was performed, meaning that prior log files were automatically purged. It is now up to the database administrator to remove older log files as necessary, both for 4D and 4D Server.

In databases where workarounds were implemented, you need to verify that these modifications do not cause any malfunctions.

The documentation was clarified and lists all the. The new format is only used for the current display; it is not stored with the form.

4D vs. Microsoft Azure SQL Database vs. Microsoft SQL Server Comparison

In this case, you specify a field or variable reference field or variable objects only instead of a string. For more information about object names, see the Object Properties section. Naturally, you must use a display format compatible with the type of data found 4d v12 odbc the object or with the object itself. Boolean To format Boolean fields, there are two possibilities: You can pass a single value in displayformat. In this case, the field will be displayed 4d v12 odbc a checkbox and its label will be the value specified.


You can pass two values, separated by a semicolon ;in displayformat. In this case, the field will be displayed as two 4d v12 odbc buttons. Time To format Time fields or variables, pass Char n in displayformat, where n is one of the following predefined constants provided by 4D:.

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Picture To format Picture fields or variables, pass Char n in displayformat, where n is one of the following predefined constants provided by 4D: Constant Type Value On background Longint 3 Replicated Longint 7 Scaled to fit Longint 2 Scaled to fit prop centered Longint 6 Scaled to fit proportional Longint 5 Truncated centered Longint 1 Truncated non centered Longint 4 Alpha and number To format 4d v12 odbc or variables of the Alpha or Number type, pass the label of the format directly in the displayformat parameter. For more information about display formats, see the Number formats and Alpha formats sections of 4d v12 odbc 4D Design Reference manual. Note: In displayformat, to use custom display formats that you may have created in the tool box, prefix the name of the format with a vertical bar.


If the picture comes from a picture variable, enter the variable name. This parameter can take any of the following values: 0, 1, 2, 16, 32, 64 and Each of these values represents a display 4d v12 odbc or an operation mode. These values are cumulative; for instance, if you want to enable the modes 1 and 64, pass 65 in the flags parameter. Displays the previous picture in the series when the user holds down the Shift key and clicks on the picture. When the user reaches the last picture in the series, the picture does not change when the user clicks it again.

That is, it does not cycle back to the first picture in the series.

When the user reaches the last picture, the object does not cycle back to the first picture. When the user reaches the last picture and clicks 4d v12 odbc, the first picture appears, and so forth.

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The initial picture is re.Open Database Connectivity Standard (ODBC) is an open standard application programming interface (API) that uses SQL to access one 4d v12 odbc more databases. Get the latest version of all current 4D products. A valid license number is required for use of all 4D products. 4D v17; 4D v16 Download. ODBC Driver.

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